We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term. 70% of our work is for clients that we have served for over  years.

The world is a dynamic place, full of beautiful possibilities. Talents, skills and enthusiasm are there, yet watching for the guidelines. So, our mission is to shape your dreams and build the castle of possibilities.
Gumax International LTD is a diverse, dynamic multi-faceted cooperation and manufacturing business company. We are composed of different integrity Independent LLC companies providing different services and products in the market place. Our Base is a GumaxCloudSystem (Gumax IT Gurus, Accounting and Consulting, Marketing, distribution and banking solutions). We are group of professionals under one virtual cloud serving to save you on taxes debt insurance and more.  We have accounting and financial firm; Gumax Accounting Services which service a franchise of independent tax preparation and accounting firms with accounting offices in 48 states, food production company (Guma IIc and Gumax Foods). We also help you develop our future franchise by partnering you as an independent marketing agent.  We will develop all kinds of future franchise with you as an independent marketing agent. We will benefit you by earning 70% commission of clients.  So, if you are interested and dreaming of establishing your own business, we will support you financially and technically.   You can start any kind of restaurant, Food Truck Company or a Kiosk under Gumax.

We welcome the fresh energies at any nook and corner waiting for the opportunities. All the potential and enthusiastic forces are warmly welcome in Gumax. If you are ready, initiate your baby steps. We aim at delivering the best product through the enthusiastic energies combining love, talent, hard work. We believe in your dreams and ideals. Gumax will give you the canvas to paint your dreams. Colors are in your hand. Create the way you want.

Here is what you need to do….to be one of our business affiliate!
We are here to define your every moments.  Get you ready for your flight with the burning desire inside and the rest is all yours. You are warmly welcome for the interactions.  Keeping in touch with us is the initial and enduring step you can take. We will listen to every individual who is interested at establishing business through us. So, keep in touch with us through any source you can. We are here to create the individual opportunities, help you to bloom and further assist you to add fragrance of fraternity flavored with success.  Get thorough knowledge of our organization, its goals and ethics. You can reach to us through our website or make a call.  Online channel is one of the best options you can follow. We can also meet personally to our clients. Your enthusiastic steps are warmly welcomed. Get the clear visions of your aims. You can blend your business ideas with ours and get affiliate with strategic plans and necessary procedures.
Reach to us at any time, and we will happily response your questions!!