• About Guma Pies

    Guma Spicy Pies is Northern Virginia’sfavorite makers of spiced meat & vegetable filled pies. Guma Spicy Pies, (similar to Samosas or Empanadas), hails from East

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  • A Powerful Vision

    Once upon a time, in 1982 Mr. Guma cut slithers of onions; chopped parts of a tenderloin; incorporated the right mix of spices into a perfect and triangular shaped pie.

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  • First Class Products

    The Guma Pie has officially taken roots in USA. At social gatherings, the Guma pie has become everyone’s favorite appetizer. Offered in an array of assortments; Guma

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    About Gumax Main Brand

    Guma pies’ brand(s) are: Meat – Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Cheesesteak Italian Style – Sausage Pizza, Eggplant Tomatoes, Cheese Sausage Vegetable – Spinach cheese Peas, Potato Carrots, Flavored Rice Seafood – Lobster, Crab, Shrimp Exotic – Buffalo-meat, Ostrich-meat, Alligator-meat, Elk-meat

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    Welcome To Guma Spicy Pies

    Gumapies is excited to be opening, its first of many restaurant chains in Woodbridge, VA. Offering a wide menu list of delicious dishes, that are free of additives, and of top-quality fixings. Moreover, our dishes are available at the most affordable rates. Come & try us out today!

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    About Guma Spicy Pies

    The Guma Spicy pie is a mixture of North-South and East-West culinary eclecticism. Its an infusionof an African cuisine, and a Mediterranean style cuisine, all-in-one. A single pie is rich in nutrients: including cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, chard and dandelion. For a multi vegan-diet, our chefs recommend a side of salad Cake with the Guma pies.

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Strong Leader, One Powerful Vision

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  • Augustine Guma is the President of Gumax International Ltd., and Guma LLC. He was born in Uganda; and moved to the U.S. in 1991. He financed his own education by working in restaurants; which he was able to gain 16 years of professional cooking experience. He attained Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science and Accounting.
    Gumax International Ltd. is a Dynamic multi-faceted corporation; GUMA-X INTERNATIONAL LTD. Other than just being an Entrepreneur; Mr. Guma wears many hats, as a Chef; Software Engineer; and an Accountant.

    Augustine Guma

    CEO & Founder

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