Mobile Food Trucks

We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term. 70% of our work is for clients that we have served for over  years.

We do not want to limit our recipes to the confined walls. We have mobile vending truck to deliver Guma Spicy Pies with our own truck. Our aim is to reach to you with the spicy and delicious pies. With the   increasing life pace, people want convenient ways of eating food habit. We have the best of mobile food truck to save you from spending lots of money. This will save you from traffic woes too. Interiors of our food trucks are designed with environment friendly interior, technical parameters, large payload and light curb weight.We have the simple, yet fashionable mobile food truck with the structured internationalists. Our major configurations include kitchen table, cooking equipment, exhaust fan, sewage tank, wastage tank, illumination lamp, storage cabinet and hand sink.

It’s our immense pleasure to deliver what we create. We absolutely love bringing the pies. We can also cater event. We do not take travel and delivery charges. You can get discounts on the larger orders. Do not worry about noisy generators. We have heated truck pies with propane. We bake pies in our kitchen and hand it out with care and love as we believe” love is spicy anyways”. We have daily schedules of your favorite Guma spicy pies.  Our truck is well appointed and spacious, and aimed for high- end residential, outdoors, business district as well as tourist attractions. We just do not deliver food; we want to deliver love and benevolence.Our major attraction is unique and delicious appetizers specially known as Guma Spicy Pies that gets ready within  minutes. This dish has tried to change traditional restaurant appetizer into the new kind. Similar to samosas or empandas, this Guma pies are too heavenly to eat and habit forming. You start through one and then end up in eating more than 5.