Love is spicy

The world starts and ends with the love. Love is some mystical force that steers the functioning of every creature in the universe. Love comes in the beautiful box of happiness, serving with delightful butterflies inside the stomach.  Love has been defined in terms of sincerity, serenity and the kindness that thrust upon the souls. Everything is born out of the love.  Similarly, love born out of food is irresistible force that is impossible to deny. Mankind’s love for the food has evolved with the civilization. It is said that no love is sincerer than the love of food.
Food is a visible love that comes in different taste and varieties. It does not only feed the stomach, moreover, it nourishes the soul and animates the enjoyment of your life.  The perfect blend between the food and love has made our existence more worthy.  Good food has been established like a culture in our kitchen, passing through the generations and generations with fascinating evolvements.  We cook, we share and the sharing evokes the greatest pleasure. Some say, love is hard and tough; some say love is easy, and some say it’s sweet as sugar. But I say love is spicy.  Spices come innate with the favorite kind of food and it is simply the sensation that recalls the beautiful memoirs of the loved ones.  It’s a fire that ignites the passion within you. Love for the spicy food influences sensation seeking for the inspirations.  It’s because inspirations can hardly be calm and sweet. It must be fierce and bold. Sometimes, we often wonder how the taste buds can cause such a great change in the mood. It is all due to the gustatory aspirations we have inherited .In some people, spice is rooted like the personality trait.  Thrill seekers and adventurers go like crazy for the spicy love and spicy food. It shines like a diamond and burn with spices.
Some say love is really a tricky task. We understand it best when it comes in the form of sharing.  Dig deep into your insights. Bring out all the spicy talents that you have piled inside you. Love like there is no tomorrow. Love with your heart.  Love with the passion and vibrancy. It can be more than   benevolence, way greater than kindness and above the humanity. It can be something that can revolutionize this world.   After a while, “love is spicy”.  It takes nothing to love. Love is effortless when you love selflessly. Love should be spicy, causing the burning sensation inside your soul and creating miracles. It should give you the enough courage to come out of your comfort zone and think out of the box.  Do not deprive yourself from the love and spices. It is only the thing that will create spicy events in your life, filling pages of your life with the ink of lively adventures.

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